Compare Best Chainsaws

This chart can be used to compare the best – electric, cordless, petrol – chainsaws on the market today. You can click any of the columns at the top to sort. For example, if you are looking for the lightest chainsaw, click “weight” and the chainsaws will be put in order from lightest to heaviest.

Below the chart is a glossary explaining each of the various parameters and the comparison options available to you depending on your needs.

The Best Chainsaws for the Money - Comparison Table

User Ratings Weight (kg) Dimensions (cm) Blade Length (cm) Power Source
Ryobi OCS1830 Cordless Brushless Chain Saw STIHL MS180 Chainsaw 3.44 49 x 21 x 24  30 Cordless View
Worx WG303E Electrical Chain Saw top rated chainsaw 4.8 88 x 37.4 x 20.4 40 Electric View
BLACK+DECKER KS890ECN Scorpion Saw best chainsaw on the market 2.2 51 x 51 x 20  10 Electric View
Einhell GH-EC Toolless Electric Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 6.93 53 x 21.5 x 27.5 40 Electric View
BLACK+DECKER GKC1825L20-GB Cordless Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 3.94 22.1 x 41.2 x 24 25 Cordless View
HECHT Electric Chainsaw 2035 Professional Saw best chainsaw on the market 4.2 56 x 26 x 22 30 Electric View
Stihl MS181 Chain Saw best chainsaw on the market 6 40 x 28.5 x 28 36 Petrol View
Husqvarna 135 Petrol Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 4.4 47 x 34.4 x 26.4 40 Petrol View
Makita EA3500S40B 35cc Chainsaw cheapest chainsaw 6.2 29.5 x 44 x 29.5 40 Petrol View
MAKITA EA4300F38C 43cc Chainsaw STIHL MS180 Chainsaw 4.9 34 x 26 x 27 38 Petrol View
Bosch AKE 40 Electric Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 5 52.6 x 28 x 20.2 40 Electric View
Makita EA4300F38C Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 6.82 49 x 27 x 30 38 Petrol View
Blaupunkt CS4000 Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 6 87 x 28 x 20 45 Electric View
Blaupunkt CS3000 Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 6.72 50.1 x 30.1 x 23.3 40 Electric View
Husqvarna 435 Professional Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 6.9 48 x 34 x 26 38 Petrol View
Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 4.4 46 x 38 x 22 40 Petrol View
Stihl MS 170 Cylinder Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 4.6 40 x 24 x 28.5 35 Cordless View
Stihl MS171 ChainSaw best chainsaw on the market 5.92 40 x 23.5 x 28 35 Petrol View
Einhell GC-PC 1335 TC Chain Saw chainsaw injuries 6.6 44 x 26 x 28 35 Petrol View
Mcculloch CS 42S Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 6.5 46.5 x 24.4 x 31.4 40 Petrol View
Parker PCS 62CC Chainsaw cheapest chainsaw 8.8 20.08 x 11.42 x 25 40 Petrol View
Ryobi RCS2340 Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 7.5 91 x 22.6 x 28.8 40 Electric View
BLACK+DECKER CS2245-GB Corded Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 7.1 21.5 x 50.2 x 29 45 Electric View
Einhell GE-LC 18 Cordless Chain Saw chainsaw injuries 3.05 44 x 23 x 26 25 Cordless View
Greenworks Tools 2000007 Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 2.7 63.4 x 20.4 x 31.2 25 Cordless View
Greenworks Tools 20077 Cordless Brushless Chainsaw best chainsaw on the market 6.08 80.8 x 25 x 26.6 40 Cordless View
Greenworks GWT40VS2 Cordless Chainsaw cheapest chainsaw 4.08 21.3 x 64.2 x 31.1 30 Cordless View
Makita DUC302Z Cordless Chainsaw top rated chainsaw 4.24 27.5 x 41.5 x 21.5 30 Cordless View

Chainsaw - Comparison Chart Key

Chainsaw Brand

Many different chainsaw  manufacturers exist and they all produce chainsaws that meet the safety standards available today. The chart above can be sorted alphabetically. You can sort as needed by clicking the arrows in the top column.

A list of the many chainsaw brands that exist can be seen here.

User Ratings

User Ratings are simply a way for existing chainsaw owners to express their thoughts on how good/efficient a chainsaw rating it anything from 1 to 5 stars.

With more people buying online and through mobile, user ratings help show prospective buyers some insight into how a saw has been performing with current owners.

Weight (kg)

Most small chainsaws are for light-duty tree cutting, domestic use and cutting firewood with a couple exceptions. Many prospective chainsaw users – when searching for a chainsaw – want is lightweight, portable and has a long-lasting battery. A lightweight chainsaw is great because it won’t completely tire you out using it after a short while. They're lightweight and reasonably quiet, but offer less power than petrol.

A word of caution – regardless of how lightweight a chainsaw is, it is still very important to know how to operate one safely!

Professional chainsaws are – as expected – more heavy to use. That is also because many professional saws are petrol powered as they are used while up on trees and an electric one just wont cut it. No pun intended.

Blade Length (cm)

It is easy to think choosing the blade length of a chainsaw is a straightforward process. One would be forgiven for thinking, the bigger the better. While there is an element of truth in that statement, it’s not completely true for every scenario.

For easy log-cutting jobs, a lightweight chainsaw with a saw bar or blade that can cut through an average tree branch will be sufficient. However a saw that would be perfect for cutting up some firewood will not be ideal in the hands of a tree surgeon working on top of a tree.

30 to 32 cm

The blade length needed is dependant on how large or little the piece of wood being cut is. A rule of thumb is to make sure that you have a blade bar that is at least 2 inches longer than the piece of wood you’re cutting. While a larger piece of wood can be attempted, it increases the chance of injury. For the average homeowner using a chainsaw to cut firewood, pruning hedges and small tree branch branches, a 30 to 32cm chainsaw blade would probably be sufficient.

32 to 34 cm

For owners of gardens with a couple of mature trees, getting a chainsaw with a slightly longer chainsaw blade might be necessary. A blade bar length of between 32 to 34cm should be sufficient in most cases. Many fairly thick tree branches would fall at the sight of a 32 to 34cm chainsaw blade bar. It’s not a length that can handle some tough jobs, but it’s ideal for use around the home. It is worth noting that, the longer the blade bar length, the more difficult and awkward the chainsaw will be to move around. 

34 to 36 cm

For homeowners who reside in areas with more than a few average trees and regularly have to deal with larger branches, a blade bar length of between 34 and 36 cm is what's needed. This chainsaw blade length is borderline professional territory – it still may be the right solution for some homeowners though. It would also be the chainsaw of choice for small tree cutting businesses. This length of bar will easily cut through just about any branch you’ll find in a residential property. As safety when using a chainsaw is paramount, people with any kind of physical limitation would be very restricted using chainsaws with this blade length.

36 to 90 cm

Anything above a 36cm chainsaw blade and you’re officially in heavy-duty territory. Chainsaws in this range are typically designed to be used in a professional setting. This is the type of chainsaw that a professional tree surgeon would use every day. If you’ve ever seen a tree surgeon working or hired one, chances are they were using a chainsaw with a blade length that fits within this range.

Power Source

Technology has meant that various types of chainsaws are available. Apart from petrol ones, there are corded electric chainsaws and cordless battery powered chainsaws.

As described, corded electric chainsaws have power cords work off an electric source .It is quite restrictive however as  movement is determined by the distance allowed by the power cord.  It is worth mentioning the risk of using a corded chainsaw in a heavily shrubbed garden or woodlands, as the cord may become tangled.

Battery-powered chainsaws like many battery operated devices nowadays is charged from a power source once they run out of power.

Electric chainsaws-

  • Electric chainsaws are ideal tools to use for smaller, regular trimming, cutting and pruning jobs. Many electric chainsaws are lightweight and reasonably quiet, but offer less power than their petrol counterparts.

Cordless chainsaws –

  • Cordless battery-powered chainsaws allow you be more mobile and move freely without the restriction of a cable. These chainsaws are more often used for lighter jobs. Many are  measured in cuts per charge, giving you an idea how long each charge will last.

Petrol chainsaws – 

  • Petrol chainsaws are often used for heavy duty or tough jobs like cutting down large trees, cutting logs or thick branches. They are portable tools and dangerously powerful as well.

For a look at the many chainsaw brands that are available on the market today, click here.