Chainsaw Dungarees, Choosing What to Wear Outdoors

Chainsaws are tools that should be used with caution. The power of these machines is no joke, and the potential for injury is very real if you don’t know what you’re doing. But this isn’t a post about chainsaw safety- it’s about what to wear when using one outdoors!

Chainsaw dungarees are designed specifically to protect your legs and torso from getting cut by the sharp chain on your chainsaw. They also offer protection against flying debris like wood chips or metal shards that can come off the blade as it cuts through wood.

Let’s have a quick look at the best chainsaw dungarees options for anyone using a chainsaw outdoors.

Portwest – Oak Chainsaw Safety Dungarees

A lot of professionals in forestry turn to Portwest – Oak Chainsaw Safety Dungarees when looking for outdoor clothing to wear.

Portwest Oak Chainsaw Bib and Brace, Size: S,...
  • Product care: max wash temp 40c, normal process do not bleach drip line dry iron max 110c do...
  • Design and functionality: hidden zip for safety, 5 pockets for extra storage, meter pocket,...
  • Materials, size and range: shell fabric: 65 Percent polyester, 35 Percent cotton shell...

With 9 layers of protection for maximum safety, wearers feel completely secured as they scale up trees and cut down obstacles like their granddaddy before them.

The Bib and Brace have features like UPF 50+ that prevent over 100% of UV rays from penetrating the fabric. The dungarees have Texpel stain-resistant finish that stops stains dead in their tracks thanks to specially developed microcapsules which release an invisible protective shield within 12 hours after staining occurs.

These bib and braces are lightweight and sweat-wicking with excellent breathable properties.

They also have concealed zippers for convenience, double rule pockets, half elasticated waistband phone pocket for safe storage of tools or identification cards side zip pockets.

WOODSafe® Cut Protection Forestry Dungarees

WoodSafe cut protection forestry trousers, approved by KWF and EN 381-5 for use with a chainsaw.

WOODSafe® Cut Protection Trousers Class 1, KWF...
  • KWF-tested and awarded the KWF standard seal - meets the requirements of comfort, equipment and...
  • Standard cut protection class 1 - for chain speeds up to 20 m/s
  • Mobile phone pocket, ruler pocket, chest bib pocket with zip, back pocket

Comfort measured at the best level of 1, equipment durability levels highest possible of 5, 10 meters per second safety class on the legs – making it perfect for work in self-advertising firewood cutting on simple terrain also on forest paths such as road entertainment service or gardening and landscaping.

Adjustable waistband allows you to snug fit these durable lightweight pants that are constructed from cotton 42% polyester 58%.

Whether you’re a professional woodcutter, forester, gardener or landscaper – these cut-resistant trousers will give you peace of mind when working pocketed with protective zips.

They have a specially designed back to provide extra comfort and breathability. So play your part in keeping Britain’s forestry profession alive and keep yourself safe by wearing these leg heavy duty WOODSafe® Cut Protection Forestry Dungarees.

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Safety Protective Bib and Brace Dungarees

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Safety Protective Bib and Brace Dungarees are designed to increase woodcutter safety on the job. They conform with EN381-5 Class 1 (20 m/s) standards, which means they can protect workers and they’re also lightweight.

Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Safety Dungarees
The Oregon Chain Saw Protective Bib and Brace Dungarees can be used by fully trained chainsaw operators. It is lightweight and comfortable, with lot's of pocket space. The material guarantees that you will be safe from oil, fuel and heat as well as abrasion resistant.

Whether you’re looking for an excellent Christmas present or just want to stay ahead of health and safety regulations this year, it’s difficult to go wrong with these Oregon dungarees.

The Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Safety Protective Bib and Brace Dungarees are full 5-layer protection apparel that chainsaws can’t beat. It won’t melt from high temperatures or break from hitting hard objects, thanks to its durable materials.

Not only does it have slimming mesh panelling on the back for less drag but also features two large front pockets.

Protecting Yourself when Using a Chainsaw Outdoors

When using a chainsaw outdoors, you should always wear safety eyewear and ear protection. A chainsaw can produce very loud noise levels which are harmful to your hearing.

A chainsaw can also kickback if not handled properly or used incorrectly, so it is important that the user handles the saw with care and uses it correctly.

Chainsaws are dangerous tools when mishandled, but they are an excellent way to cut down trees for landscaping purposes.

Many chainsaws are designed to be used outdoors and homeowners often use them for tasks such as clearing brush, cutting firewood, limbing trees and felling logs.

These tools can cause serious injury if not handled properly so it is important that people take the necessary precautions when using a chainsaw outside.

The key things to remember are;

1. Wear protective clothing – long sleeves, pants, gloves.

2. Always wear a safety helmet.

3. Keep the chainsaw under control with both hands on the handle at all times.

4. Don’t cut too deep or too quickly – take your time and get it right.

5. When you’re done cutting, wait for the chain to stop before removing your hand from the blade guard.

6. Make sure that you have enough space around you so that nothing can come in contact with the moving chain while it’s still spinning.

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