Best Bar Oil for Chainsaw (Cheapest Options)

A chainsaw is a powerful tool that can be used to make short work of trees, shrubs, and bushes. However, it can also be very dangerous if not handled properly. Chainsaws emit harmful emissions which are bad for the environment as well as your lungs. To help combat this problem you should oil the blade periodically with bar oil to keep it running smoothly without emitting too much harmful gas into the air.

Bar oil is an essential oil that chainsaw operators put on their bar as they cut wood. It helps lubricate the chain and reduces friction between metal parts which keeps the operator safe from injury. 

In this blog post, I will list our favourite types of bar oils along with what to look for during purchase so you know you’re getting the best product possible.

Oregon Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil

Oregon Chainsaw Chain and Guide Bar Oil
  • Bio oil for chainsaws, offering excellent wear protection. Optimum viscosity for all...
  • All-season lubricant perfect for petrol and electric chainsaws and pole saws
  • Bio oil lubricates all of the cutting components and increases the lifespan of your equipment...

Oregon is a trusted supplier of chainsaws and bar and chain oil. It’s recommended to use bar and chain oil right after you take your chain out of the package, then once every tank or two of gas.

Oregon Chain Oil was created to protect the guide bar and cutting edge of all chainsaws under any condition.

With anti-fling properties that keep oil near the bar or chain, this formula prolongs wear on your cutting system by preserving both the saw chain and guide bar.

The viscosity of Oregon Chain Oil also works for other types of power tools, including pole saws and hedge trimmers because it adheres well to constant motion without giving off an excessive amount onto ground surfaces.

This makes it a great choice for almost any power tool and should be applied right after you’ve taken your new chain out of its packaging.

Stihl Synthplus Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil

Stihl Synthplus Chainsaw Bar and Chain Oil
  • Suitable for the various Stihl models see below.
  • You will receive exactly what is shown in the picture.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards

The Stihl SynthPlus Chain Oil is a high-performance, semi-synthetic lubricant with outstanding wear protection that is compatible for use with most models of the Stihl bar and chain. 

Synthplus does not mix well with petrol to make 2 stroke mix – for this you need STIHL HP 2 Stroke oil.

The SynthPlus Chain Oil is a world-class lubricant, containing top-grade base oils and providing outstanding protection against wear. This product – for both chains and bars – can be used as part of standard maintenance or after each use.

This professional quality oil should work as an excellent addition to your chainsaw maintenance routine and can help keep it running efficiently day after day!

Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil

Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil
  • Genuine Original Husqvarna Chainsaw Bar & Chain Lubrication Oil.
  • Mineral Chain oil with adhesive agent for high-performance chain saws.
  • Premium Mineral Chain Oil

Husqvarna Bar and Chain Oil is a premium formula that is perfect for any chainsaw. The viscosity of this mineral oil makes the product suitable for the extreme summer heat as well as the freezing, winter temperatures.

Husqvarna wants to allow you to do your best work without worrying about costly repairs on investments, we specialize in quality tools set with innovative features so you can achieve excellence with confidence – easier than ever before.

Superior lubrication enables smoother running, reduced torque and optimal power extraction that will improve sawing efficiency and extend the service life of your chainsaw.

This product is compatible with most models of Husqvarna guide bars, but always refer to your owner’s manual for model-specific information before use.

Husqvarna Bar oil should be applied right after you’ve taken your new chain out of its packaging to ensure that all moving parts are well lubricated and protected.

How to Apply Chainsaw Bar Oil

Bar chainsaw oil is a lubricant that reduces the friction on the chain. It also helps to keep dirt and debris from sticking to the blade, which can cause damage.

Chainsaws create a lot of heat while in use, so it’s important to apply bar chainsaw oil before using your saw for work or play. You should also be sure to have an extra bottle of bar chainsaw oil with you on every job site for quick and easy access when needed most!  

Bar chainsaw oil comes in different sizes and types but we recommend choosing one with synthetic oil. This will work best for your saw and provide the longest life rather than using something like bar motorcycle oil which may not be compatible with your chainsaw or bar.

Before you can apply this product, make sure that both the guide bar and chain are completely free of debris, rust, dirt or anything else that could cause problems during use.

Then apply the oil to your saw, which you can do by either filling up a bottle with oil and spraying it onto the bar or chain or dipping your guide bar into an open container of oil.   

By following these steps, you should be able to keep any chainsaw running smoothly for years!  

When to replace chainsaw bar

The chain on the bar is what does all of the work, but when it starts to get dull or break, you will need to replace it with a new one.

Replacing your chainsaw bar at the right time ensures you have a long-lasting, safe saw for years of use. There are two main factors that will determine when you need to replace your chain: frequency of use and length of life expectancy.

Some people think they should wait until the chain breaks before replacing it, but this can lead to an accident if you don’t know how far along in its life cycle your chain is. 

There are two main situations where we recommend replacing your chainsaw’s bar: When its cutting ability has diminished or when there are signs of wear and tear (i.e., nicks and dents).

If your saw is still cutting well and there aren’t any signs of wear, you can keep using the old bar. If you plan on using your saw more than once every month or so, then replacement time should be within 6 months after the purchase date or 6 months from the last service date – whichever comes first.

Replacing the chainsaw bar on models should be easy as long as you follow these steps:

First, make sure that both the guide bar and chain are clean, clear of debris and completely dry.

Next, remove the bolt on your bar using a wrench or socket to loosen it. Then slide the old bar off of your saw and push in until you hear three distinct clicks (this is when you know that it has been seated properly onto the sprocket).

Make sure your new bar is compatible with the model of chainsaw you own and take it out of its packaging.

Next, slide the new guide bar onto your saw until you hear three clicks – just like when removing a dead chain – then tighten everything back into place using a wrench or socket to secure it tightly in place before use again.

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