What Chainsaw Do Professional Loggers Use?

Research has shown that professional, experienced loggers do not use just any chainsaw to get their jobs done. Instead, they rely on chainsaws with higher power, performance, durability, and productivity. These heavy-duty chainsaws are built and designed in such a way that they can cut into stringent trees, guaranteeing professional loggers the best experience while working.

If you are a professional logger or you’re aspiring to be one, and you are a bit confused about chainsaws that will suit your job type, do not worry because this post will equip you with the necessary knowledge. As you read on, you will discover in detail the best chainsaws for professional loggers and their unique features.

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The Outlook Of A Typical Logger’s Chainsaw

Professional loggers make use of their chainsaw all year round. And as a result, the more the task, the more burden there will be on your chainsaw. In other words, you will need to find and purchase a chainsaw with high potentials and capabilities to endure the massive, sturdy, and tedious projects you will be working on.

Typically, a logger’s chainsaw is supposed to have a durable crankshaft, longer bar length, and it should possess a more powerful engine than the regular chainsaw of homeowners. The above qualities ensure quick cutting and limbing of thicker trees as well as logs. Every logger’s chainsaw should be able to handle the most gruelling jobs on the site.

Below are a few characteristics that differentiate the professional-grade chainsaw from other chainsaw models:


  • The Balance Design

One of the most considered characteristics that separate the loggers’ chainsaws from the regular model is the balanced body design. It usually features a long, narrow body layout where the engine’s installation is in an inclined position directly behind the bar.

It is crucial to take this feature to heart because, as a professional logger, you are bound to use your machine for a longer period. The balanced body will be easier for you to hold even after an extended period of cutting.

  • Commercial Warranty

Some of the commercially used chainsaws are accompanied by a commercial warranty that extends to over two years. A longer warranty is uncommon, due to the activities carried out by the chainsaw for several hours. Still, owning a warranty can offer you a guarantee while using your machine in extreme conditions.

  • The Top Handle

Chainsaws that are designed for commercial use are usually top handle models. These chainsaws are compact compared to the rear handle style, making them more comfortable to control. And due to their lightweight and handle positions, the top handle chainsaw is great at cutting tree branches as well as tree limbs. They are also useful in situations where you might need to cut logs on a forward angle.

Additional features of a professional-grade chainsaw include;

Ergonomic Design

As a professional logger, the ergonomic nature of the chainsaw you have in mind should-

  • Be lightweight
  • Have a small vibration level
  • Have a slim and perfectly balanced body

An Efficient Kickback

This protection is a necessity to consider as a professional logger. Also, look out for easily replaceable chain catcher and easy-access control parts.

Every logger has preferences when it comes to the right chainsaw to use on a job. Some loggers prefer chainsaws with torque and are low maintenance, while others prefer the hardiness of the chainsaw. What is more important is that the chainsaw does its intended job safely and correctly. This leads us to pinpoint what chainsaw(s) are best for professional loggers.

What Chainsaw Do Professional Loggers Use?

Most professional loggers are accustomed to just two brands of chainsaw: Stihl and Husqvarna. These two chainsaws have stirred a lot of questions among professional users.

Choosing a brand to go with your job typically depends on your cutting style and preferences. Loggers who use the Husqvarna testifies that the chainsaw cuts at high speed, and allows them to make a final cut on any tree faster which gives them enough time to get out of the way. And while the Sthil fans prefer this brand – because it offers them a low-end torque, which is necessary for powering through the toughest woods (without a struggle).

The fact is that both brand designs are great for professionals. To ensure you pick the right brand, you might want to consider testing the chainsaw from both producers before you buy them. You can achieve this by contacting any equipment rental to get two test chainsaws.  Use each model for a day to get a grip on its performance, features, and benefits. After testing both saws, then you can make your decision.

Apart from Husqvarna and Stihl, there are other brands of chainsaws you can purchase as a professional for your heavy-duty jobs. These chainsaws are listed below:

1. Poulan Pro 967061501

Chainsaw Gas 50CC Cycle BAR 20
  • With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power for virtually any task. This...
  • Effortless pull starting system reduces pull force 30% for easier starting and reduced wear on...
  • The combi tool is integrated into the rear handle, it's always there when you need it for...
  • 20inch bar length
  • a powerful 50cc engine
  • low kickback performance
  • it weighs 17Ibs

2. Remington RM 4618 Outlaw

  • it has 46cc 2-cycle engine
  • 18-inch bar length
  • 5-point anti-vibration system

3. Echo CS- 400

  • 40.2cc 2-stroke engine that is capable of making quick work of most tasks.
  • it weighs 10.1 Ibis
  • 18inch bar length.
  • it has a vibration dampening system that works very well

4. Dolmar Ps- 6100

Dolmar PS6100/45 – Chainsaw 61 Cc 45 cm
  • 61cc 45cm sword Chainsaw ideal for felling and debranching, all in one machine.
  • Large 0.80L fuel tank, works more than 30min continuously without refueling. Self-cleaning air...
  • Access and change the filter without the need for additional tools. Priming pump that powers...
  • 20inch bar length
  • a powerful 61cc engine
  • it weighs 13.2 IBS weight.
  • it has an excellent anti-vibration system.


The Take-Away

Nothing can slow a chainsaw performance down than a dull chain, while a sharp chain allows you to slice through wood with almost no physical strength required. A dull chain would require much push on the guide bar through the wood while barely making a dent. Not only would it be time-wasting, but also it will create a hazardous sleaze[1] and cause premature wear and tear of your chainsaw.

If you ever find yourself forcing your saw to cut through wood or in a situation where your saw begins to spit out fine dust instead of larger wood chips, then your chainsaw is getting dull. These events are signs that your chainsaw needs to be sharpened or replaced (chain). Doing this guarantees the continuous performance of your jobs while ensuring your safety and the longevity of your chainsaw.

Whatever chainsaw you decide to go for as a professional logger, their longevity will depend on how much you maintain them. Knowing when to perform checks and making replacements is key to enjoying your chainsaw for a long time.



[1] Sleaze – Link

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