How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw, 8 Items to Get

Chainsaws are great wood logging devices to have at home when firewood or a tree needs to be cut. If you live in a wooded area or in the suburbs, there are a number of chores you can get done using a chainsaw. Among these chores, the most common is log cutting. Knowing how to cut logs with a chainsaw means knowing how to cut logs the right way. It might appear to be an easy task, but don’t be fooled. You can easily spend hours making little or no progress if you go about cutting the logs the wrong way.

There are a number of things you’d need woods for. From lighting up the fireplace to cooking, logs are pretty useful in most homes. The fact that the price of fuel has been on the constant rise has made logs of wood the cheapest source of energy today. As a result of this, some homeowners usually buy firewood while some prefer to cut their own wood(especially during the winter)

The most beneficial and efficient option for you is to learn how to cut your own wood using a chainsaw. Especially if you live around trees. But as efficient as it is, if you do not cut it the right way, you risk getting yourself injured.

But don’t fret, learning how to cut logs with a chainsaw is not a task you need to spend years or months learning. You can pick it up in no time. This tutorial will help guide you in how to cut logs with a chainsaw safely and with ease.



Required Tools And Equipment.

Before embarking on this endeavour, there are certain tools that are essential to the task. The first important tool is your chainsaw. And it must not be just any saw, but one that is perfect for the job you’re about to do. There are chainsaws that function best in certain situations, so you must not rely on just hearsay when picking the right chainsaw.


For instance, if you’re going to cut wood in a place where there is no electricity, you should buy a chainsaw that is powered by petrol.

  1. Chainsaw Size

The size of your saw is dependent on the size of the logs you wish to cut. To get the accurate saw size, you should measure the diameter of the biggest log you intend to cut.

Statistics show that the average homeowners often go for chainsaws with a 16-inch bar length. Which is fine because it all depends on your needs. But if you intend to cut very big logs of wood, you should buy a chainsaw that is longer and has more horsepower. If it’s your first time getting a chainsaw, a compact saw is highly recommended.

  1. Safety Gear

When it comes to handling equipment, your safety should be your number one priority. True, some recent chainsaws come with safety features, but you shouldn’t rely fully on it. A lot of persons have either died or lost a limb in freak chainsaw accidents, so to prevent being in such a position, you should always wear full protective safety gear. And also, be alert at all times.

  1. Safety Goggles

When cutting logs, a lot of debris and sawdust fly around. And some can easily get into your eyes if you do not protect your eyes.

How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw

  1. Ear Protection

If your chainsaw is gas-operated, it is recommended you wear some ear protection. Being exposed to such a loud noise for a long period of time can become harmful to your hearing.

  1. Gloves and Boots

You will need to use a safety boot when you have to operate a chainsaw. A boot that has a steel cap is required as it will protect your feet. You will also need chainsaw gloves. These are gloves that have designed specifically for chainsaw handling and are equipped with materials that will keep you safe.

  1. Protective Helmet

A protective helmet is also one of the most important safety gear you should wear. Helmets offer threefold protection: It keeps your head shielded from falling objects, protects your ears with the earmuffs, and protects your face and eyes with the visor.

  1. A Sledgehammer And Wedges

These tools will come in handy if your chainsaw gets stuck on a piece of wood.

  1. First Aid Kit

It’s not like we hope for the worst, but it’s best to prepare for it. Bringing a first aid kit puts you on the safe side in case an accident occurs. You should also have someone with you for assistance. Desist from working alone, especially if the job will be done somewhere far from home.



Guide On How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw

  • Starting The Chainsaw Engine

Every chainsaw comes with an instruction manual. So before you start up the engine, ensure you read the manual thoroughly. This will help you understand what each lever, button, or knob does. You will also learn safety measures as the manual will rightly describe how to hold the chainsaw the right way and how to safely operate it.

Clear your work area of any branch or debris. Ensure your helper is a few meters away from you (5 meters should be fine).

After you’ve done all this, you can proceed to fire up the engine. If you are making use of a gas chainsaw, it is better you start it on the ground. Check to see if the brakes and throttle are working just fine.

How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw, 8 Items to Get 1

  • Cutting the logs

This is the last step in our guide on how to cut logs with a chainsaw. First, make sure you are stable by positioning yourself firmly and standing with your feet apart. Place your left foot forward(if you’re right-handed), and your right foot a bit further behind(do the opposite if you’re left-handed). Also, ensure you’re not standing in line with the blade because you might get hurt if there’s a kickback. It is best you stand on the side of the chainsaw.

Kickbacks occur a lot of the time, especially among first-time users. A kickback usually occurs when the user attempts cutting the wood with the nose of the blade and when the chainsaw blades are not sharp enough. When either of these happens, the chainsaw is thrown back violently. To avoid this, always keep the chainsaw blade sharp and cut the wood with the middle of the blade.

To begin cutting your logs, first clear off the branches. When you have done that, you can then start cutting. But be sure not to apply too much pressure and always hold the saw firmly. If perchance your saw gets stuck, never forcefully pull it out. What you should do is immediately turn off the engine and with the use of the hammer, drive a wedge into the log. This will immediately free your saw from the log.

Final Thoughts on How To Cut Logs With A Chainsaw

Cutting your logs by yourself with a chainsaw will save you money. But not only that, it can be fun if you do it properly. But bear in mind that chainsaws can be very dangerous, so you must careful always. The first thing you should think about when learning how to cut logs with a chainsaw is your safety. Always bring a companion with you and if you’re not comfortable using a chainsaw, it’s probably best you don’t operate one.

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