How To Tell If A Chainsaw Chain Is Sharp

Most chainsaws are just mechanical saws powered by electric power, compressed air, hydraulic power, or most commonly, a two-stroke engine. They can also be described as lightweight, portable mechanical saws used mainly for cutting wood, trees or logs to a certain length, and then it can be split into firewood with a wood-splitting axe.

It is important to be able to tell if a chainsaw chain is sharp as it is powered by a petrol or electric source through a series of integrated cutting links. This can get stuck, grab or splinter wood when attempting to cut them.

Chainsaws are often used for deforestation (the process of cutting down trees), felling, pruning and other activities, mainly by tree doctors to cut trees, remove branches and leaves, and collect firewood. Chainsaws with specially designed chains and chain combinations have also been developed as tools for the art of chainsaw cutting.

The chainsaw, therefore, has a power-driven and fast revolving chain of metal teeth which is known as the chainsaw chain.

The Chainsaw Chain

The chainsaw chain can be referred to as the cutting point of the chainsaw. It, therefore, has a composition of steel chains connected by rivets. Its main function is to help the chainsaw cut through objects. All chainsaws have a flat guide bar around which runs a chain, it is important to make sure it is lubricated at all times to help avoid friction and excessive seizure.

One of the basic components of a good chainsaw is the chain. It is essential that you use the correct chain for the correct wood cutting job.

Signs To Identify The Sharpness Of A Chainsaw Chain Or How To Tell If A Chainsaw Chain Is Sharp

Chainsaws can only use sharp chains to help process their power and also maximise the cutting performance. It is important to know if a chainsaw chain is sharp or dull, as this helps ensure you have the correct tools for the job prior to commencing any cutting.

This is because it helps make sure that operating your chainsaw is easier since chainsaw chains will gradually lose their sharpness over time.

Below are some additional ways to tell if a chainsaw chain is sharp.

Smoothness, efficiency and effectiveness

To begin with, the operation of the chainsaw must be smooth, efficient and effective. There should not be any type of intense force or pressure application during the use of the chainsaw. When you need to use force or pressure is applied to use the chainsaw, it means that the sharpness of the chainsaw has been worn out and it needs to be sharpened.

As a result of this, the job can become more difficult and the chainsaw will have more wear and tear issues. On the other hand, a sharp chainsaw chain will require very little pressure to help glide it through the object without any difficulty. This is a typical scenario where one can tell if a chainsaw chain is sharp or not.

Easy for cutting and positioning

While using a sharp chainsaw, you find it very efficient and easy to cut through wood. You will also have no difficulty positioning it to cut as the sharpness of the saw chain will ensure it remains in the right position.

On the other hand, it is a lot more difficult to cut and position a dull, worn-out saw chain. It won’t be able to slice through wood easily and will get stuck in the wood while the engine is still running.

This is one of the easier ways to tell apart a sharp saw chain and a dull one.

Thick and Larger Sawdust Production

When using a sharp chainsaw chain to make a vertical cut (which is doing a cross-cut), the chainsaw should create or produce thick sawdust (which can also be described as coarse strands). A dull chainsaw chain produces fine sawdust, less thick than that produced from a sharp chainsaw chain.

This means that sawdust created from cutting through wood, tree or log can be a key indicator to tell if the chainsaw chain is sharp or not.

When the sawdust is smooth or smaller it means the saw chain is dull and worn-out. On the other hand, when the sawdust is larger and thicker, it means the saw chain is sharp.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully this post has given you the insight to be able to tell if a chainsaw chain is sharp and what to do about it. I do recommend that you always use a good sharp chainsaw chain as it reduces the chances of injury or damage to your chainsaw.