How To Clean A Chainsaw

Does your chainsaw look dirty? Has it lost that shiny look and you want it to sparkle again? If yes, then this article on how to clean a chainsaw is just for you.

It is extremely important to keep your chainsaw clean if you want it to work efficiently. When you make use of your chainsaw, there are wood chips and dust flying around and a lot of then gets into the chainsaw motor and some other parts. This causes the motor to get very hot very fast and restricts airflow in the chainsaw.

Chainsaws need contact maintenance and care for it to function well for a long period of time. Cleaning is one of these maintenances and has to be done from time to time if you want to use your saw for a long time. Unless you can afford to keep buying chainsaws at regular intervals, it is best you pay attention to your saw and keep it clean and properly maintained.

In this article, I’ll be giving you a thorough guide on how to clean a chainsaw properly.


Tools You Will Need

There are a number of tools you will need to when cleaning your chainsaw. All of them are useful when carrying out this task so do not forgo any. Knowing the proper method on how to clean a chainsaw, means you need to have the tools mentioned below.

how to clean a chainsaw

How To Clean A Chainsaw- Step By Step Guide

Learning how to clean a chainsaw is surely not a hard task. Follow this step by step tutorial on how to clean a chainsaw the correct way.

  1. Preparation

The chainsaw has to be prepped for the cleaning. What you have to do is have it unplugged from its power source (that is if it is an electric corded chainsaw). If you have a cordless chainsaw, just remove the battery before proceeding with the cleaning. But if you have neither of those and what you have is a chainsaw that is gas-powered, then you must first drain it of fuel.

  1. Remove The Chain And The Bar

Loosen the nuts on the bar with a scrench which will separate the chain and bar from the chainsaw powerhead. Before you move the chain and bar, make sure you have disengaged the anti-kickback brake of the chain.

  1. Cleaning The Bar

Now that you have removed the bar and chain, you have to properly clean the bar. Put some of the lubricants in the warm water and dip the chainsaw in it. Remove all grease and dust with a cloth rag. If there is hardened dirt on the bar, a wire brush will be fit to scrape it off.

You can use your tool for cleaning of bar grooves to clean the bar rails. Then clean the oiler holes in order to clear out all the debris. An air compressor (though optional) can be used as well in the cleaning of the oiler holes.

  1. Cleaning The Chain

Mix a lubricant with warm water and soak the chain links inside in order to remove all the grease. Leave the chain inside this mixture for about 10 to 20 minutes.

With the use of your wire brush, scrape out the dirt and debris from the chain. After that, wash and wipe it, again and again, using a paper towel or cloth rag to ensure all the dirt has gone out.



  1. Cleaning The Powerhead

Your next stop is cleaning the powerhead. You need to have this done in order to clean out all the filth around the bar studs and clutch drum. You also have to clean the oiler port of debris.

A soft brush can be used to clean all the dirt. A tool like a knife or credit card can be used to clean out the spots that are tight and are hard to access.

  1. Clean The Spark Plugs And Air Filter

The inner parts of the chainsaw should not be left out. Though, it can be a bit difficult to access. If you find it hard to reach, you can remove the cover on the top which will allow you access to the carburettor, spark plug, and air filter.

Before you clean the air filter, take a look at it. An air filter requires thorough cleaning if all you can see inside is dirt. But if you find little dirt inside, you can have it cleaned with a cleaning brush or a paintbrush.

Mix some soap with warm water, using it to clean out the air filter. After you’re done cleaning, rinse the air filter using clean water and allow it to dry.

Next to be cleaned are the cooling find. You’ll find them on the cylinder head and a tool for bar cleaning or screwdriver can be used to rid the cooling fin of dirt. This improves cooling fin functioning and also ensure the engine lasts for longer.

Then check the spark plug and see if its tip is black with dirt all over. If that is the case, you have to replace/change the spark plug. But if it looks okay enough then just brush it up and it’ll be fine.

  1. Remove Carburator Parts

A chainsaw that has not been cleaned for a very long time, it needs to be cleaned fully. You need to remove all its carburettor part such as the diaphragm, needle valves, and cover plate and have them thoroughly cleaned.

Put them in a cleaning solution and leave them there for about 5 to 10 minutes. After this time, all the dirt should have been removed and you can complete the cleaning using a brush. Allow the parts to dry and then put them back together again.

Reassembly the chain and bar too as soon as the parts are all dry.

You can now use your chainsaw again once you have completed the above steps.