What Not To Do With A Chainsaw

What Not To Do With A Chainsaw

Do not stand on the tree trunk or log you are cutting, with the chainsaw between your feet. Stand on firm ground, making sure the chainsaw is not between your legs but outside – to the side of your legs.  

Do not stand beneath a branch or log being cut.

Do not stand in line with the chain and ensure no one close by is in line with it. If a problem arises and the chain was to break loose, it could potentially cause a bad injury.

Do not leave the chainsaw on after a cut. Power it down, or de-throttle, as soon as you finish cutting.

Do not move around from one area to area to another with the chainsaw in cutting mode.

Do not travel with a naked chainsaw. Always have it in its case wherever possible. Failing that, always have a guard on the chain and bar.

Do not begin cutting large logs with a chainsaw, without the right wedges and plan in place. It will keep the logs secure and not roll away as soon as you begin your chainsaw operation.

Do not cut up a hill with a log potentially able to roll onto you.

Do not start up your chainsaw until you have a safe and clean working area with no obstructions or potential hazards.

Do not use your chainsaw without a tip guard. This will avoid the chances of chainsaw kickback happening.

Do not run with a chainsaw in your hand. Especially not with a working chainsaw

Do not lean in too close to the tree branch or log you are cutting. As often as possible, try cutting below shoulder height. This will keep a chainsaw away from your face in the event of kickback.

Stay Safe.