Best Hand Saws For Sleepers And Cutting Wood

Whether you’re a DIY renovation enthusiast or a professional workman, you’ll need a sharp and sturdy hand saw for the task. This particular tool is one of the most popular kinds of cutting power tools.

This hand tool is incredibly versatile and can be utilized for a handful of outdoor and indoor projects that include home renovations, carpentry jobs and woodworking.

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Stanley - Fatmax Fine Cut Handsaw
Stanley – Fatmax Fine Cut Handsaw
  • Bi-material handle
  • 3 sided precision ground
  • Induction hardened teeth
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Vaughan Pull Stroke Handsaw
Vaughan Pull Stroke Handsaw
  • Impulse hardened saw teeth.
  • Interchangeable with other ‘Bear’ saw blades.
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Irwin Universal Panel Saw
Irwin Universal Panel Saw
  • Work for long without getting tired.
  • Ultra sonic welded soft grip
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Hand saws are usually made up of a metal blade that is mounted on an oval handle. The handle features a U-shaped curve that allows the person using the saw to grip it comfortably when cutting.

While the blade on a hand saw is generally very narrow, the stainless steel blade doesn’t rust easily. They are often made with tough carbon steel giving it high resistance against corrosion and excessive wear. Handles of this type of hand saws are often made using wood or plastic.

The Best Hand Saws in UK

The following are just some of the best hand saws for cutting wood and creating sleepers:

1. Ryoba Double-Edged Saw

The hand saw is beautifully handcrafted using a Japanese style. It is ideal for cutting through abrasive woods or hardwood like teak, oak and maple. Just for the mere fact that it is versatile enough for a variety of woodworking tasks, this hand saw is extremely valuable when you consider its price.

Ryoba Double-Edged Saw
The Ryoba Double-Edged Saw is a top-of-the-line hand saw that can handle even the toughest jobs. The 24-inch blade has 22 teeth-per-inch, making it ideal for quickly and easily slicing through wood.

This durable and strong saw comes with a blade of 24 inches with 22 teeth-per-inch, that puts it in good stead among its peers. Due to the fact that the teeth have been impulse-hardened, the hand saw can be relied upon to churn out an impressively smooth and quality cut any time you make use of it.

This hand saw has incredible versatility with the blade having rip teeth at one end and cross-cut teeth at the other end. This ensures that it can cut through different kinds of wood without any fuss. It can be utilized for neat cuts and it will cleanly cut along the grain – making it perfect for executing furniture making.

  • It was designed to cut abrasive or hardwood like teak, oak, maple and exotic hardwood.
  • It has a variety of teeth – with rip teeth on one end and cross-cut teeth on the opposite end.
  • It has teeth that have been impulse-hardened, which makes the blade more durable.
  • It comes with a wooden handle and is ideal for executing fine cuts.
  • It isn’t ideal for cutting jobs on the heavy-duty side.

With the Ryoba double edge saw, you’ll get a lot of control due to the fact that the blade will be kept in precise tension when it is being used. For additional control when the process of cutting begins, the handle is encased in bamboo that ensures the handle becomes easier to grasp and grip during the execution of the cut.

The hand saw’s steel blade is capable of being substituted. Additionally, it comes with a brochure which will help you use this hand saw to its fullest potential.

2. Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw

The name Stanley has been a mainstay in the home and commercial tools market for more than 150 years. Whatever kind of woodworking or carpentry task you need to do, the Fat Max will be able to do a competent job for you.

Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw
This Stanley Fat Max Hand Saw is designed with Sharptooth technology, making it incredibly skilled at cutting straight cuts with reduced binding. It has a steel blade of 9 teeth-per-inch, perfect for cutting through different types of wood and plastic.

This cross-cut hand saw has a steel blade of 9 teeth-per-inch. With this hand saw, users will be able to cut through different types of wood and plastic – thanks to the saw’s blade being designed with Sharptooth technology. It is incredibly skilled at cutting straight cuts with reduced binding.

It can be a handy man’s dream to work with this hand saw. This is because its multiple cutting surfaces are able to cut up to 50% quicker than the conventional saws. Also, the saw’s induction hardened teeth will stay sharp five times longer than the regular teeth. This ensures durability as well as high-quality performance. It is particularly great at cutting lumber quickly while also sharp enough to trim tree limbs of 2 inches.

  • Its cutting performance is good and can deliver clean, sharp cuts
  • Its blade is 15 inches long and comes with 9 teeth-per-inch.
  • The blade’s induction hardened teeth ensures that it can stay sharp for five times longer than the regular blades.
  • It is capable of cutting 50% quicker than the regular saws.
  • It can also cut tree limbs of 2 inches.
  • It has an ergonomic handle with a rubber grip that drastically reduces slipping.

  • It isn’t ideal for cutting hard or thick wood.
  • The blade is not suitable for cutting firewood.

It is easy and effortless to grip the hand saw. It is also simple to manoeuvre even when working with hardwood. This is because the thick plastic handle comes with an ergonomically designed rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold while also reducing the risk of slipping.

With this saw being very versatile, it can be utilized for carpentry jobs or DIY renovations. The back of the saw is useful for marking 45 and 90° angles for easy and fast measurements. Stanley provides a limited lifetime warranty on this particular hand saw.

3. Great Neck N2610 Hand Saw

This particular brand has been one of the leading manufacturers in high-quality hand tools for more than 100 years. This means that you’re assured that you’ll get a very reliable and durable cross-cut hand saw capable of doing an excellent job.

Great Neck N2610 Hand Saw
With a durable 26-inch blade, the Great Neck N2610 Hand Saw is perfect for tackling any cutting project. Whether you're looking to make fine cuts or rough ones, this saw can do it all.

The hand saw has a strong 26-inch blade with 10 TPI that makes it an incredibly versatile tool. You can make use of this hand saw for fine cuts and rough cuts.

It is capable of effortlessly cutting through any type of wood ranging from hardwood (like maple and red oak) to softwood. This means that your projects are going to be completed efficiently and on time.

  • It has a strong and rigid steel blade.
  • The blade has 10 TPI that are extra sharpened.
  • The hand saw can be used for aggressive and rough cutting.
  • It is ideal for hardwood.
  • Its hardwood handle is weather-resistant.
  • The blade of this hand saw can be stiff when in use.

The blade of the saw is precisely set and possesses additional sharpened teeth. With considerable flexibility, users will have cutting control which is needed to execute most cross-grain cuts.

As regards outdoor and indoor use, this hand saw has a hardwood handle that is weather-resistant and also comfortable to grasp. The hand saw also comes with a lifetime warranty allowing you use the saw without fear.

4. Shark Corp 10-2312 Hand Saw

This hand saw is an incredible “rip-style” tool capable of executing all kinds of cutting as well as trimming tasks outside and inside your property. If it is carving through ABS plastic pipes or PVC, slicing through laminated hardwood or untreated wood, trimming the roots of trees or finishing corners, this hand saw will be able to do a good job.

Shark Corp Hand Saw
The Shark Corp 10-2312 Hand Saw is a precision cutting tool that can handle a wide variety of tasks. With its sharp, durable blade, it can easily slice through wood, plastic, and other materials with ease.

This hand saw is 12 inches and comes with a strong steel blade that has 14 TPI. What this means is that the blade will cut fast and smoothly through different kinds of wood.

The blade also possesses natural flexibility for baseboard trimming, moulding and flush cutting.

  • It is a hand saw that can be used for a lot of tasks.
  • It is ideal for cutting plastic as well as treated and untreated wood.
  • Its blade (with 14 TPI) can cut quickly and smoothly.
  • The blade has a balanced feel and comes with a natural flex for trimming and flush cutting.
  • This hand saw is not suitable for cutting through metal.
  • It can sometimes be difficult to handle using the pistol-esque design.

As for its handle, you get a plastic handle that almost resembles a pistol. It will provide the user with a proper grip of the hand saw – something that is important for tasks and especially on hot days when your palms become sweaty.

In the event that the blade gets dull, it can easily be replaced. Although, if you ensure that it is kept oiled and sharpened, it will be able to last you for a long time. The manufacturers of this hand saw offer a warranty of one year for this product.

5. Vaughan BS240P Pull Stroke Handsaw

The Vaughan BS240P comes with a thin blade that’s durable as well as rust-resistant. Due to the fact that this hand saw was specifically designed to execute cuts with a pull action instead of with a push action, it makes it a suitable choice for woodworking tasks that are more demanding.

Vaughan Pull Stroke Hand Saw
This amazing hand saw from Vaughan boasts a durable blade with 17 teeth per inch, designed for quick and easy cutting. The impulse-hardened tooth design ensures longevity of the blade.

One feature of the hand saw that particularly stands out is its blade which is thinner than a lot of its counterparts (0.022 inches). This will provide more accurate and faster-cutting outcomes for woodworking tasks.

The blade of the Vaughan is made up of 17 teeth for every inch. These teeth have also been impulse-hardened so that they can retain their sharpness.

This will, in turn, help the saw make straight and clean cuts each time it attempts one. Flexibility is also enhanced due to the blade having a kerf of 0.033 inches.

  • It is suitable for small and medium carpentry or woodworking tasks.
  • The hand saw is specifically designed for finish and fine trimming work.
  • Its blade is long-lasting as well as rust-resistant.
  • It can be used for carpentry tasks that are on the rough side.
  • It comes with a very thin blade that provides for faster and more accurate cuts.
  • Its 17 TPI blade has been impulse hardened.
  • This hand saw is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

The manufacturers of this hand saw have also included additional safety features such as the easy-grip plastic handle, securely locking blade and a blade guard which will protect the teeth of the blades whenever you put the saw in storage.

You can also detach the blade out of its handle for easy storage or to replace it.

6. Irwin Universal Hand Saw

Regardless of if you’re a professional tradesman or a DIY enthusiast, this Tools Universal Hand Saw will suit all your needs.

With this hand saw, you’ll be able to execute all kinds of cut-related jobs like carpentry, woodworking or DIY maintenance in general.

Irwin Universal Hand Saw
Irwin's Universal Hand Saw is the perfect tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily cut through wood. This saw quickly removes material and provides smooth, quick results.

It has a compact blade that can be utilised in tight places.

One major reason for this hand saw’s popularity among users is its increased cutting performance. Its design is of high quality as well as the tool itself being really simple to use.

This 15-inch tool possesses very sharp teeth that will be able to cut through wood quicker than other hand saws. This saw comes with a tooth grind that quickly removes material. It was designed in a way that combines the grace of a fine-cutting saw and the speed of a rough-cutting saw. This will provide the user with quick and smooth results.

  • This saw is ideal for the professional trades person as well as the DIY enthusiast.
  • Its cutting performance is highly superior when compared to other saws.
  • This hand saw can cut through wood faster than a lot of saws.
  • Its blade is ideal for doing work in tight spaces.
  • It has an ergonomic handle that increases comfort when the saw is being used.

  • The blade cannot easily be resharpened .
  • This saw is also not ideal for long cuts or hardwood.

Whatever kind of cutting job you intend on performing – from neater cuts that require more control to rough cuts, the handle of this saw has a peculiar design that removes binding and churns out complete blade strokes.

Its handle comes in an ergonomic style that makes it comfy to hold for an extended period of time.

7. WilFiks 16 inch Pro Hand Saw

With a durable and sturdy build, this hand saw provides astounding versatility when it comes to performance. First of all, it is capable of cutting through a number of materials with commendable ease. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with plastic or wood, the hand saw will not fail to impress.

WilFiks 16 inch Pro Hand Saw
WilFiks 16 inch Pro Hand Saw is perfect for anyone looking to quickly and easily cut through materials. Featuring a durable construction and high-quality blade, this hand saw is a must-have for any toolbox.

Also, cutting materials with this hand saw is quite satisfying due to the fact that the process is fast and effective. With 9 teeth-per-inch along the end of its blade, this hand saw is suitable for a lot of sawing tasks without having to take up a chunk of your time.

Additionally, the ergonomic design of the saw’s handle fits different hand sizes. This doesn’t only ensure that you have a better and comfortable grip, it also ensures that the risk of slipping is reduced. This will also reduce the risk of accidents or injury.

  • The handle has an ergonomic design that improves the grip and makes it more comfortable to hold.
  • This hand saw is ideal for a handful of sawing operations.
  • It will be able to cut through plastic pipes, wood as well as drywall.
  • Induction hardening ensures that the teeth of this hand saw’s blade is extremely sharp.
  • It isn’t that ideal for executing finer or neater cuts.

Using a Hand Saw to Cut Wood Sleepers

Apart from its versatility, one great thing about this cutting tool is that it doesn’t depend on batteries or electricity. This means that the machine is ready anytime you need to use it – whether it’s working in your home or outside of it.

The hand saw has two parts; the handle and the blade. The blade is usually made using carbon steel, while the handle can be designed using either beechwood or thick plastic.

The reason why a hand saw cuts so effectively is its jagged teeth or edge. These teeth are grouped using inches and a lot of sizes are in the range of 9 teeth for every inch to 20 for every inch.

More advanced blades for hand saws contain teeth that are designed in a specific manner to produce smooth and precise cuts with less effort. These saws usually have four, six or seven teeth per inch (1.3 cm). However, if you want to cut wood sleeper with them, you need a different kind of tool .

These small and portable cutting tools might be the best choice if your work involves lots of tough and repetitive cutting jobs out in the field.

Choosing the an ideal hand saw

To select the most ideal saw for the woodworking or carpentry task you plan on executing, you’ll have to consider what you’re going to be using the saw to do and what kind of cuts you will be making.

In the event that you have carpentry or woodworking jobs that are more complex, ensure that you select a hand saw comfortable enough to do a task like that.

Also, the kind of saw you choose will largely depend on if you will have to use it to cut the grain or if you plan on cutting across it.

Types of hand saws

There are three basic kinds of hand saws: the rip saw, the dovetail saw and the cross-cutting saw.

a) The rip hand saw

Rip saws are designed for cutting with the grain of the wood. These kinds of saws usually have large teeth and they leave a rough or jagged finish. If you wish to use this kind of tool to cut through hardwoods, choose blades that are very sharp.

In the event that you plan to cut alongside the wood’s grain, make use of a rip saw. When compared to a cross-cut saw, the rip saw’s teeth is positioned on the left and are not canted. The teeth curve right and left in a pattern that alternates.

This then allows the teeth to act in a similar way to chisels that scrape away little scraps of wood when you make cuts across the grain of the wood. Additionally, the blade of the rip saw cuts on top of the push action, similar to the way you would use a cross-cut hand saw.

b) Crosscut hand saws

Cross-cutting hand saws are generally preferred by men because they provide an accurate and smooth cut without having to exert too much pressure on them.

If you plan to cut across the grain, you’ll need a cross-cut hand saw. The cross-cut saw’s teeth are angled straight and also have bevelled edges similar to knifepoint.

The cross-cut design will allow the saw to act similar to a sharp knife that will slice across the grain of the wood cleanly and sever every single fibre. A push and pull action is what you use when making use of a cross-cut saw.

c) Dovetail saw

This particular hand saw is specifically designed for soft, hardwood and for fine carpentry jobs that require small, precise cuts with a fine finish. These kinds of tools are used to make dovetail joints, with two pieces fitting together perfectly.

This hand saw comes with a little blade which is actually more inflexible than those of the rip saw or cross-cutting saw. This is because it will need to cut neat lines on wood that are shorter than the regular ones.

Additionally, it has more teeth-per-inch, meaning it will be able to create neater finishes than the others. It also comes with a handle you can freely turn while holding. This will give you better control of the cuts you’ll need to execute with the piece of wood.

This tool might come with an orthodox “panel” design with teeth across one part of the saw’s blade or it might come with a d-shaped, a 90° or a straight handle – it all boils down to what you plan on using it for. It might even come with a double-sided blade with teeth on each side.

What to Look for When Choosing a Saw

There is a lot to consider when choosing a saw. You need to find the right tool for the job, and make sure that it will fit your needs. Saw type, size, and features are all important factors to consider. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a saw.


These tools are usually different when it comes to teeth-per-inch (TPI). This will actually influence how well you’ll be able to cut through different materials.

If you’re looking for a trim that is fine and tidy, you’ll need to go for a saw that has a higher TPI range. However, choose hand saws with a lower TPI range when you want to cut through larger pieces of wood.

Always consider the fact that even though a saw with a low teeth-per-inch might cut wood quicker, it will leave the wood with a rough cut. Blades with more TPI usually create finer cuts.


The size of a hand saw largely depends on the length of its blade. The shorter saws normally range from twelve to twenty inches. They are naturally used for tidy and neat woodworking jobs because they give the user a high level of control.

As for the long saws, they range from twenty-four to thirty inches and are suitable for the designing of cabinets and tasks in general.


Saw Handles

The handles on most hand saws are made of wood, with some featuring fiberglass or cork. This goes back to the old days when blades were pattern-welded by hand and used primarily for carpets, tapestries, panelling and other fine work.

Handles can either be curved or straight – it is really up to you which style you find more comfortable.

a) Curved Handles

These types of handles allow users to cut along a curve because they will have better control over the cuts being made .

b) Straight Hand

Straight handles are good for cutting wood along a straight line, as the blade is able to move in a more fluid manner

Final Thoughts
A hand saw is a versatile tool that has lots of uses. Whether you need to cut soft metal, hardwood or even plastic, there’s definitely a type of saw out there that can help you with the task at hand.

It might seem like the amount of different types and sizes that are available would add up to a lot of confusion when choosing which one you’d like to get your hands on.

Hopefully, this article has helped clear some things up and answer any questions you may have had about hand saws!

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