7 Best Felling Wedges For Chainsaws

When it comes to cutting logs or trees, there are a lot of issues you need to address and prepare for ahead of time. One of such issues is your chainsaw getting pinched, as well as issues that affect your safety like the tree leaning and falling in the wrong direction.

Getting some of the best felling wedges for chainsaws will help you to avoid such issues, as well as a variety of others you may face, there are a lot of ways and methods you can utilize, one of which is to get and utilise the best felling wedge you can possibly get.

This article will help you identify and figure out which is the best felling wedge to help you with working on your trees.

Now, as we all know, a felling wedge is a pretty simple tool, so much so that people often neglect its functions and importance, sometimes even choosing to use a rope instead of the tree falling wedge. The fact that a felling wedge has important functions when it comes to cutting logs and falling trees is undeniable.

Felling wedges have been specifically designed and are suitable for tasks like preventing your chainsaw from getting pinched and helping you direct where your tree limbs fall.


Felling Wedge For Logging


In light of the important functions a felling wedge has, it’s no wonder that there are a lot of felling wedges brands and models available locally and on online stores. However, the availability of so many brands and models will most certainly pose a disadvantage, in that getting the best felling wedges will become more difficult to get, as opposed to how easily you could get a bad or below par felling wedge.

Now, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you get the best felling wedge available, to help avoid situations where your felling wedge fails to protect you or anyone working in close proximity or generally fails to work correctly.

Hence, I have spent a good chunk of time itemising wedge that I have used at various times in the past doing different tasks and narrowed it down to the 7 best felling wedges you can get.

I have also added a buying guide below to help you know what to look out for when deciding on a purchase and to help you pick out the best felling wedges possible.

The Best Felling Wedges for Chainsaws

Oregon 23565 Felling Wedge For Logging

To start off the list is a 5.5” inch hard lightweight plastic wedge from a leading top American brand. The Oregon 5.5” inch felling wedge is an amazingly durable load-bearing plastic wedge that is specifically designed for pro-loggers.

As stated, this felling wedge comes in a 5.5” inch length, which makes it perfect for felling and bucking trees of small diameters. However, though this felling wedge is suited for smalldiameter trees, you can still use it to fall a larger tree as well, although you would have to use it in a stackable combination, which it can perfectly be used for.

Also, the Oregon 5.5” inch felling wedge designed well enough to provide the right grip on a stump of wood. This is due to the serrated side, which this felling wedge sports. Apart from the size and durability of this wedge, it is worth noting that it is perfectly suited to every budget plan, as it goes for a very cheap price.

Lastly, when it comes to this felling wedge, you should note that it is not ideal to be used with thicker trees, and like most things, it will wear in time and would need to be replaced.


  • It is just the right size for cutting firewood.
  • It is perfect for felling small size trees.


  • Can wear out from repeated use.

Husqvarna New OEM 3.8” Felling Tree Wedge

The next on the list is one in contrast with the Oregon wedge, in the price department. This is one of the most costly sets of felling wedges available, however, the features of the felling wedge certainly put good value to your money. In that regard, the very first feature that makes up for the cost is the incredible durability of the felling wedge.

This felling wedge is made with ABS thermoplastic, which ensures the durability of the OEM Husqvarna felling wedge is top tier quality and should definitely last for a very long time.

Another great feature is the high level of visibility that this Husqvarna felling wedge. Therefore, if it were to fall off to the forest floor, while you’re logging, you would definitely be able to easily find it.

This Husqvarna felling wedge, in contrast to the Oregon wedge above, is suitable for bucking and falling trees of larger diameters without the need for any stacking combination.

Now, the only perceived problem with this felling wedge would still be its price, but it’s a Husqvarna product, it is really to be expected, so also is quality features and functionality.


  • It is an extremely durable felling wedge.
  • It’s a product from a well-renowned brand.


  • Pricey when in stock.

Redneck Convent Spiked Tree Felling Wedge

To put it bluntly, this is basically a less expensive version of the Husqvarna felling wedge above. In that regard, the Redneck convent is basically similar in high-quality features and functionality with the aforementioned Husqvarna felling wedge, but a bit more pocket friendly.

Redneck Convent Spiked Tree Felling Wedges for...
  • SPIKED WEDGES: The Redneck Convent 5.5 Inch Single Taper Plastic Wedges for Tree Cutting are...
  • GUIDE LARGE TREES WHILE FELLING: A log splitting wedge is designed to work for medium and large...
  • BUILT FOR SAFETY AND LONGEVITY: Constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic, (preferred material for...

So if you are after a more suitable felling wedge from a price perspective, then you should consider getting the Redneck felling wedge.

Now, for the similar high-quality functions, the first bit you should be is the amazing durability and load-bearing capabilities, which is attributed to the ABS plastic utilized in its manufacturing process.

Apart from that, it measures 8 inches in length and sports a ragged surface with 9 angled spikes, which ensures it has the perfect grip for tree stumps. In addition, the length of the Redneck Felling wedge makes it adequate for bucking and felling medium to large trees.

Also, this felling wedge comes in a bright green colour, which makes it highly visible and reduces the risk of it getting misplaced while out on a log cutting mission. In all, this is an ideal felling wedge for any new or pro-logger.


  • The pricing is fair and moderate.
  • It is extremely durable.
  • It comes in a highly visible colour.


  • Length might be too large for small trees.

Arborist Tree Felling Wedge 10″

Next on the list is a sturdy barbed tree felling wedge that can perfectly assist a pro-logger in the cutting or felling of trees with a chainsaw or with an axe.

The reason this tree felling wedge provides such a perfect assist for both works with an axe and a chainsaw is due to the size it comes in. It comes in two distinct packs of 5.5” inches and two packs of 8” inches.

One of the other reasons this tree felling wedge makes this lies is the incredible durability and sturdiness of this felling wedge, which enables it to do a reliable job of staying tight and put no matter the situation.

The reason for this sturdiness by this Arborist felling wedge is largely attributed to it being barbed, as well as the felling wedge being made from durable PA6-GF30 plastic, which is designed not to break easily and to withstand various unfavourable conditions.

It is also one of the more affordable wedges on this list.


  • Incredibly sturdy due to its barbed nature.
  • Fairly priced.


  • Can be a bit more durable.

Timber Savage 5.5” Inch Felling Wedge

Here we have another great product, in which, like the previously mentioned felling wedge is also very affordable. The Timber Savage Felling wedge is a great product that provides simple but effective support to loggers of all kinds.

Timber Savage 5.5 Inch Felling Wedge Chain Saw...
  • 5 1/2 Inch; Double Taper
  • Timber Savage Wedges are Made in the USA
  • 1 Inch Lift

This felling wedge sports a simple smooth side, but on the other, you have a barbed side for a more effective grip and sturdiness. Furthermore, you should note that the Timber Savage felling wedge is solely compatible with a chainsaw when cutting or felling a tree, as it is specifically designed to be so.

Also, this felling wedge is perfect for trees of small to medium diameter, but can also be useful for larger trees as well. Furthermore, this felling wedge is highly visible as it sports a bright orange design that you can’t possibly miss. In all, this felling wedge ticks all the major boxes there are when considering features of a good felling wedge for bucking or felling.

One minor issue with the Timber Savage wedge is its durability when compared to some of the other options on this list. This is because while it comes durable and sturdy, the durability doesn’t particularly last in the long run and you may end up needing a replacement within a short while.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Extremely budget-friendly.


  • Not as durable as its competitors.

Stihl 000 893 6902 Felling Wedge

Similar to top brands like Oregon and Husqvarna, we have another big and well-renowned brand name in Stihl. The Stihl brand is well known for various woodworking and household tools, that are always of high-quality nature, and it is safe to say that the same high-quality nature has been imbued into this felling wedge.

It is often so popular that it is often sold out in most online stores.

Now, when it comes to the high-quality features of this STIHL felling wedge, the first thing you ought to know is its unique design. This felling wedge, like any other, has a side that is serrated or rough, however, unlike the other felling wedges available, the other side of it isn’t smooth or plain but designed with two tapered lines.

This unique design is made so, in order to ensure this felling wedge constantly has a good grip on any wood it is used on. In addition to that, the Stihl felling wedge still has more top tier features that got it on this list. One of which is its impressive durability, which is as a result of the light and tough plastic used during its manufacture.

Also, it is perfect for felling and cutting medium to large diameter trees, as it weighs 22 grams and a length of 7-1/2 inch, with a width of 3 inches. In addition, the visibility of this felling wedge is quite high, as its light orange colour can easily be spotted a mile away.

In all, this is a really amazing felling wedge that will surely give any logger value for their money. It’s no wonder the Stihl felling wedge is extremely popular among the lumberjack.


  • It offers amazing grip.
  • It is extremely durable.


  • Can be pricier than competing brands.

Felled Spike Tree Felling Wedges For Tree Cutting

To finish up this list is another great felling wedge that is specifically designed and manufactured with longevity and durability in mind.

Felled Spiked Tree Felling Wedges for Tree Cutting...
  • SPIKED WEDGES: The Felled 3 Pack Single Taper Plastic Wedges for Tree Cutting are designed to...
  • GUIDE LARGE TREES WHILE FELLING: A log splitting wedge is designed to work for medium and large...
  • BUILT FOR SAFETY AND LONGEVITY: Constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic, (preferred material for...

This wedge is a highly accurate single taper four-pack felling wedge, which is made of long-lasting and durable plastic. It is a 5.5” inch felling wedge that is perfectly suited to felling and cutting large diameter trees. Apart from that, other amazing features of this felling wedge is its amazing high level of visibility, which is as a result of the light orange colour it sports.

Also, the size of this felling wedge allows it to be used effectively with either a chainsaw or an axe. Furthermore, the designed angular point of this felling wedge is able to easily lift medium and large trees and fell the opposite direction with little effort.

In addition to all that, there’s also the amazing fact that this felling wedge can enter the kerf of any tree faster than other felling wedges. However, a minimal dent on this felling wedge is the fact that the textures barb design is not as durable as some of the other wedges on this list.

That aside, this felling wedge is quite amazing, especially when you consider its budget-friendly price range.


  • Perfect for large trees.
  • It is very durable.


  • The ribbed texture of the wedge lacks a bit of quality.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Felling Wedges For Chainsaws

With the list out of the way and you now knowing the amazing options that are out there for you, the next reasonable step is to give you a few easy buying considerations, that should make your buying decisions ten times easier.


The first bit you should always consider is the material the felling wedge is made from. The material used in making the felling wedge is more important than it is usually taken to be. The reason for this is due to the various cons a material used may have, as well as how you may be affected by the material you chose to go with.

In light of this, the basic materials that are and can be used for wedges are either wood, plastic or metal. Now, if you go for wood, you would love its fair durability, but you might be against it being as pricey as it is, and how it will wear out with continued exposure to moisture.

The next material which most people go for when it comes to wedges is plastic, as the benefit of being extremely affordable is a boost. However, the durability when compared to the other two materials is obviously extremely lesser.

Finally, if you go for a metal wedge, you’d meet a double-edged sword, in that, the amazing durability of a metal wedge can still be a disadvantage for you. Just picture your chainsaw coming in contact with a metal wedge.


This most definitely isn’t a surprise, right? Price is always a factor when considering basically anything you have to buy, hence, it is no different when buying felling wedge. Now, a felling wedge is a rather simple tool, so it is definitely largely affordable, you would basically spend few dollars.

However, a certain range of quality always gives the right to raise the price, hence, you have brands like Husqvarna sell their felling wedges at a more costly rate.

With the general affordability of felling wedges, it is just the right type of product to allow yourself go for the more expensive rates, especially since there’s an extra level of stability and durability to it.


Generally, felling wedges comes in a varied range of sizes that are suitable for varied sizes of trees as well. What should determine the right size for your bucking needs will no doubt be the size and types of trees you intend to continuously use a felling wedge on.

If you intend to work on a very large tree, you should get a felling wedge that is sized and suited to large diameter trees. Likewise, if you intend working on a small or medium diameter tree.

It isn’t a bad idea to own a number of different sized felling wedges that can suit various trees.


If you paid a good deal of attention to the various felling wedges on the list above, you would notice that the colour of each was briefly addressed, as well as the visibility of the felling wedge. This is not a mistake, but rather very necessary.

If you’re reading this article, then you certainly know that the forest floor can be absolutely covered with dirt and debris of all sorts and colours, to the point that it would be difficult to find items dropped, especially if they were small-sized and soberly coloured.

I personally think that with that in mind, felling wedges should be designed with a colour that will always catch your eye, just in case it falls and you have low visibility.

Final Thoughts on The Best Felling Wedges For Chainsaws

At the end of it all, I hope in one way or the other this article helped you in buying the best felling wedge possible, and if it was one from the list, you’ve certainly made the right choice.

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